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Anonymous asked:

To the mun, do you not like Laughing Jack? And if so is it because he is an OC? Or do you just dislike OCs in general? Or is it something completely different? My apologies, I am just curious, hopefully you're not offended by the questions.

((Mun: I don’t like Laughing Jack, because I of many reasons. The design is a little much and I really didn’t care for the story with it. To be completely honest, I dislike the creator. I don’t dislike OCs typically, but when someone tries to force their shit on me, my first reaction is avoid it at all costs. (Meaning, if I like something that someone suggested, it must really be worth while to me.) If I dislike someone, all the more of a reason to not care for their work. 
I didn’t mean to snap earlier, but it was the most stressful part of my day and my patience was completely gone. 
Spending time with amazing people really changed that for me, so I’m in a much better mood now. ^_^::))

slinkanorabundyblr asked:

What is the symbolism in your character? LJ is the child that is ignored by their parent but still mimics them, Slender is the psycho in the forest of society, and EJ is that insane doctor from the late 1800 who stole the organs of people who didn't pay their bills. So what are you?

((Mun: I’m going to tell you this, because Jeff is too pissed off to answer. Laughing Jack is and OC. THAT IS ALL. The Slender man is a myth from Germany. Eyeless Jack is from CP and so I consider him more of an urban legend. Jeff is the same. If you or anyone else asks Jeff stuff about Laughing Jack, all you’ll get is a reply by me about how he is an OC and you won’t have your question answered. 
ALSO, that isn’t a question for him. That is a question about the character. If you’re going to come to me and ask stupid questions, you won’t be getting a very nice answer.)) 

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